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Carver Hanger

16196 SE Hwy 224
Damascus, OR 97015
(503) 658-2576
When you're in Damascus/Carver with Limousine Portland, check out Carver Hangar for the most amazing weekend breakfasts and fantastic bar food and drinks around the dinner hour every single day of the week! The hamburgers are absolutely fantastic here and we recommend pairing them with onion rings and a nice tall beer! The entire menu is just superb!

Carver Cafe

16471 SE Hwy 224
Damascus, OR 97015
(503) 658-3206
Carver Cafe is a fantastic deli located in the Damascus/Carver area, just ideal for our Limousine Portland party goers in that area. The vibe here is pure small town cafe, and it is in fact a little small for your biggest party bus groups, so you might want to call ahead if you plan to dine in. Great for picking up sandwiches and deli goodies to go! You won't be disappointed!

Gloria'z Pub & Grill

13175 SE Sunnyside Road
Happy Valley, OR 97086
(503) 698-6018
Probably our favorite American bar in the Damascus/Carver area, this is a great one for food and drinks in the Limousine Portland service area. Their sandwiches are excellent, especially the corned beef and other old fashioned choices like that, and you will love coming in to show off those vocal chops on karaoke night with your friends! This is definitely one of the best places for a night out!

Sports on Tap
CenterHappy Valley, OR 97086
(503) 427-2676
Sports on Tap is a great casual bar! It's ideal for you football lovers who are seeking a nice spot to watch the game and down a beer or two or six over the course of an evening! A smart Limousine Portland destination that we'd particularly recommend for Monday night football. More than TVs, they have plenty of yummy food, lots of TVs, and a ton of beers on tap, nice and icy cold. Enough said!

Stone Cliff Inn

17900 S Clackamas River Dr
Oregon City, OR 97045
(503) 631-7900
This is a really charming place for you and your limo traveling friends to stop in and enjoy lunch or dinner in the Damascus/Carver area. Stone Cliff's menu is truly impressive. The smoked salmon chowder is one of our top recommendations here, and for dessert, you can't go wrong with the berry creme brulee. There's a full bar at your disposal too, plus TVs and free wi-fi.

La Costita Mexican Restaurant

14626 SE Sunnyside Rd
Clackamas, OR 97015
(503) 658-6778
We really love this one! Mexican food lovers traveling with Limousine Portland in Damascus/Carver love stopping at La Costita for some truly yummy food. We recommend the enchiladas Mexico, the tacos Tijuana, the pollo a la Costita, the chili relleno, and of course the classic tortilla soup. The Cadillac margarita is really refreshing too and just the perfect thing to wash it all down with!

Sushi Moto

15725 SE Happy Valley Town Center Dr
Happy Valley, OR 97015
Japanese food and sushi is at its very best at this Damascus/Carver area favorite, and Limousine Portland definitely recommends it during your upcoming trip! The sushi chef is very friendly and always happy to chat it up with you or suggest something fresh and tantalizing. We love all of the rolls that they offer here, from the simple to the specialty!

Godfather's Pizza

14682 SE Sunnyside Rd
Clackamas, OR 97015
(503) 658-2200
Easily overlooked in a strip mall, Godfather's Pizza is not one that should be passed over so thoughtlessly! This is a great place for large party bus or limo groups to hang out, enjoying delicious pizzas and comfort food. The lunch buffet is just ideal for our customers and we love the fresh salad bar offerings as well. Beer and wine only.

Wan Lung Chinese Restaurant

12062 S E Sunnyside Rd
Clackamas, OR 97015
(503) 698-8210
One of our favorite Chinese restaurants around here, this one has recently begun to focus a bit more on the bar area, which is a great place to hang out during your Limousine Portland trips in Damascus/Carver. You can even play the lotto while you're there and maybe win enough to cover your meal! All your classic Chinese favorites are here. Yum.

Wichita Pub

11481 SE Highway 212
Clackamas, OR 97015
(503) 657-8344
Wichita Pub is a true Limousine Portland customer favorite, as evidenced by the rave reviews that they all give it when they're boarding the vehicle after a fun night out! The beer selection is impressive, they've got all your classic pub fare here at nice prices, and the service is some the friendliest that you'll ever encounter. Definitely a high recommendation.

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