Limousine Portland



Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions that we get from our customers. If we haven't covered your questions here, just give us a call!

Q: How many guests can I bring on your party buses?

A: We have different sizes of buses to accommodate your needs, ranging from our 16 passenger party bus to our 35 passenger bus. If you've got more than 35 guests, we recommend renting more than one bus and splitting your party up between them.

Q: Are you insured to protect my group in the event of an accident?

A: We are insured to the maximum amount allowed by the law, and we keep all of our licenses and permits current too. Of course, the best way that we protect you from these types of things is to hire only the very best chauffeurs who have passed driving record checks, driving tests, drug tests, and background checks.

Q: Are there any hidden fees involved with renting your services?

A: Absolutely not. We discuss everything up front with you so there are no surprises at the end of your trip. More or less the only fee that you need to concern yourself with is for travelling more than 50 miles outside of our service area, and that's a reasonable fee that we'll discuss before your trip. That affects a very small percentage of our customers because most of you are travelling in the Portland metro area only.

Q: Our child is in high school and they'll be going to prom soon, or having a sweet sixteen party. Do you provide transportation for young adults?

A: We do. As the parent, you must make the arrangements and handle the payments, but then you can relax knowing that your kids will safely be in the hands of one of the area's finest chauffeurs, instead of driving in cars with other teens who may be distracted, inexperienced, or worse! You avoid a whole host of hazards when you hire a professional chauffeur for your teen's big events, and we'd be happy to help you get that peace of mind.