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At Limousine Portland, we've got a huge array of vehicles and each one of them is just perfect for all your partying needs. We've got everything from a 16 passenger party but all the way up to a 35 passenger party bus for even your largest parties! We are continually expanding our fleet too. On this page you'll see a couple of our spotlight vehicles. Whenever you're ready to book your bus, you know where to reach us. Our phone number and email address is at the top of each and every page of this website.

12 Passenger Limousine

This gorgeous Range Rover limousine is a gorgeous choice for any group that will blow you away. Custom leather seats, a sparkling bar area, colorful lights, booming sound system, and CD/digital audio players are just some of fine features on board. You'll absolutely love this limousine for all of your special events. This will make your night out truly unforgettable!

20 Passenger Limousine

One of our largest stretch limos is this 20 passenger Escalade limousine. This luxurious limousine has a beautiful custom-designed interior with all the bells and whistles! There's custom hardwood floors, two-tone leather seats, colorful lighting effects, a reflective ceiling, built in coolers, a great stereo, TV, DVD player, CD player and much more.

28 Passenger Party Bus

This affordable yet luxurious option is cozy but spacious enough to be more than adequate for most group events and nights on the town.. Hardwood floors, leather seats, a spacious cooler and bar, beautiful color-changing lights, a large TV, DVD player, and much more! You'll love this gorgeous bus for all of your most important celebrations!

30 Passenger Limousine

Our 30 passenger party bus is the perfect solution for Portland parties. Pile in and have a blast on your night out with our state-of-the-art sound system and really fun dance pole, you will be surprised how flexible you are after a few drinks! It doesn't matter if you've really got 30 passengers coming on your trip, or if you've got a smaller number but you just want plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy yourself — you still all the perks of our favorite bus!

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